Lesson's Learned From First Home Jewelry Party

Well I had my first home jewelry party on Friday night.  All in all things went really well, but I definately learned alot from this experience. 
The Do's and Dont's:

1. make sure you price your items individually, unfortunately I didn't do that instead I had prices set for each category ie: earrings, bracelets necklaces etc.  I down priced many which was a no no.

2. Make sure you have plenty of business cards!!! This is important to hand out and stick in the package of all your items sold.

3. Think about how you want to display your jewelry prior to arriving at the home

4.  Have a suggestion box so visitors can write down tips, that's definately helpful for future shows.
4.  Offer incentives for future parties, also give the hostess either a percentage of the sales or have her choose an item of her choice.
5. Have the guests write down their name address and contact info. valuable for sending thank you notes and future promotions and sales.
6.  Keep a good log book for orders taken at the party, and collect either a percentage or the total fee for orders.
7.  Don't forget to bring change, not everyone has the exact dollar amount of their purchase.
8.  Lastly don't forget to have fun! 

I could go on and on but would love to hear your tips of how to have a successful home jewelry party! Please share :) 

Here's my table set up, you may not be able to see but my goal was a beach theme so I had lots of shells and starfish and decorative boxes.


  1. Hey ! That's an awesome idea, never thought of it ! A jewelry party.... Hm.... I could do that ! And great tips, Mary, thank you ! Did you had fun ? And sales ? Come on, share some more, we want to know, lol !

  2. Monica, absolutely you should have a jewelry party! I havent had any other people interested in having one yet. I did have alot of fun, a little nervous actually since it was my first one. I did very well with sales, a part of the total proceeds I donated to the Wounded Warrior Project so I believe it was a really good incentive for sales. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I have my first open house style party planned for this December at my own home to start off with close family and friends...do you have any suggestions on how much inventory to have? I'm also thinking of a "create your own" table where I have pictures and focal beads etc on it, so I can help people create a custom order if they want something that isn't on display...any opinion on that?